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About the Event

Are you completely ready to elevate your IT career? Join this first-ever Professional Development virtual event and gain access to invaluable educational sessions and materials to grow alongside your peers within VMUG’s supportive community. We will be showcasing expert speakers and engaging presentations on topics from public speaking to VMware certifications so you can take your career to the next level. You don’t want to miss this event!

VMUG's online virtual event will deliver a highly interactive, 3-D virtual environment with live video-streaming keynote and breakout sessions with speaker Q&A, on-demand breakout sessions, and interactive partner exhibits within the show floor. And the best part is this event is virtual so you can experience it all from anywhere -- you don't even have to leave your home or office!

Highlights the VMUG Virtual September Event has to offer:


Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware

Pat Gelsinger has been serving as CEO of VMware since September 2012, doubling the size of the company during his tenure. He brings almost 40 years of technology and leadership experience.

Before joining VMware, Gelsinger led EMC's Information Infrastructure Products business as president and COO. A respected IT industry veteran, he was at Intel for 30 years becoming the company’s first CTO and driving the creation of key industry technologies including USB and Wi-Fi. He led Intel to be the dominant supplier of the microprocessor – while in the significant role as the architect of the original 80486 processor.

Gelsinger earned a master's degree from Stanford University in 1985, his bachelor's degree from Santa Clara University in 1983 (magna cum laude), and an associate degree from Lincoln Technical Institute in 1979, all in electrical engineering. In 2008, he was named a Fellow of the IEEE and that same year awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from William Jessup University. He holds seven patents in the areas of VLSI design, computer architecture and communications.


September 19, 2019


Keynote: The 5 L's of Leadership

Pat Gelsinger
CEO, VMware

Pat Gelsinger will share a perspective on what it takes to navigate and lead the digital future in an era of unpredictable, disruptive change. Gelsinger will examine the increasingly critical role that technologists must play as tech reshapes the competitive landscape in every industry sector.



A Public Speaker's Guide To Public Speaking

Chris McCain
Director, Technical Certification, VMware

This session offers tips and tricks to becoming a more confident and engaging public speaker. There is no science or magic to becoming a great public speaker, but as you will learn in this session anyone can work their way to being able to comfortably stand up in front of a crowd to tell stories.



Soft Skills, Resume Building and Networking are Some of the Toughest Areas to Master 

Paul Nadeau
Senior SD-WAN Systems Engineer, VMware

Discover what and how hiring managers and executives look for candidates, and what “good vs. bad” looks like. A deep dive into what is effective networking and what will harm your chances of promotions or getting another job.



Tips and Habits to Advance Your IT Career 

Ariel Sanchez
Senior Technical Account Manager, VMware

In IT we need to keep our ears tuned to what's coming: it's a dynamic industry and understanding the technology waves can mean the difference between job hunting and financial independence. No matter what you do today, chances are you won't be doing the exact same thing in 5 years. This talk gives you my lessons learned as I have navigated my career in IT. I've moved countries, cities and jobs working different types of shifts, doing management and individual contributor, local and remote work for small and large companies. I've interviewed and learned lessons from many successful engineers and engineering managers and I offer their teachings in this session.



Lunch Keynote: Growing From VI Admin to SRE

Michael Roy
Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware

The technology landscape of today is undergoing an industry-wide transformation with the growth of cloud native technologies. This new world requires admins to update and adapt their skill to deliver new business value to the organization. Come join us as we take a look at what’s different with modern “Dev Ops” workflows, and how VI Admins of today can transition their careers to ride the new Cloud Native wave of the future.



Achieving Happiness: Building Your Brand and Your Career 

Amanda Blevins
Senior Director & Chief Technologist, Office of the CTO, VMware

This session is about identifying what brings you happiness as a person and using this knowledge to determine the best path for your career. Using life happiness as a target for creating a path in your career is the ideal way to actively choose what is best for you, your health, your family and friends, and other priorities inside and outside of work.

This is session is created and presented by a VMware Chief Technologist who began in IT over 20 years ago and has built her own career by learning from many mentors, colleagues, friends, books, classes, and more along the way. We’ll also discuss what brand is and why it is important to get you to the next stage of your career. This session will provide a map of how to leverage your brand to boost your career for happiness and fulfillment!



VMware On-Demand Sessions

Professional Development – Improving Your Interviewing Skills

Albert Altino
Sr. Director, Systems Engineering, VMware

If you’ve secured an interview, you’ve worked hard to get it. In today’s complex and fast-changing workplace how you demonstrate your value in that first interview is key. In this webinar you will learn how to make important points to the interviewer, what your interviewer is looking for in your responses (or non-responses), how to make key points to display how your efforts will contribute to the company’s future growth, and the overall best way to ace that first impression.



Certifications: Are They Worth It?

Irish Spring
Sr. Manager NSX Systems Engineering, VMware

Certifications are tough to get, hard to maintain, and expensive! Sometimes we wonder if they are even worth the effort and expense. Join VMware’s Irish Spring for a discussion around Certification Concepts and discover why Certifications matter, who really looks for them, and what certifications will get you the most attention when building your career.



Getting the Ear of the VP

Richard Armstrong
Senior Manager, VMware

Join 23 year veteran Richard Armstrong as he guides you through the thought process and steps to be able to communicate effectively “upstream”. Richard will explain how to see the business through the lens of a VP and put your communications plan together to maximize your personal brand and the effectiveness of your message.



Taking the Next Step: Career Progression in a Technical World

Irish Spring
Sr. Manager NSX Systems Engineering, VMware

The path to technical proficiency is well documented. With Certifications, Badges and continuing education; you have many choices. Professional Development is not as defined. With company politics, business needs and other hurdles; you really need a roadmap to move your career forward. Join VMware’s Irish Spring to learn how to plan next steps in your professional development, how to position yourself for promotion, and how to navigate the twists and turns of Career Progression.



How to Talk to Developers 101

Tim Davis
Native Cloud Advocate, VMware

Do you have a Developer team that drives you nuts? Does it seem like you speak two completely different languages? It's because you do. Being responsible for infrastructure can be daunting. Adding teams going rogue in your environment can add more problems. But why does it seem like you can never agree on anything? You may be surprised to find out that you're both asking for the same thing. You're just asking in different ways. In the end, you all have the same end goal. For the business to be successful. Let's talk about the developer perspective, what they are looking for, and how you can deliver it. All while keeping your sanity. Bring your questions, and let's make a group discussion of it.



Becoming a Cloud Administrator – How to Become the Lando Calrissian of Your Cloud City

Cody De Arkland
Technical Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware

With VMware vRealize Automation and VMware NSX it is now possible to automate your network from an application-centric perspective to allow the critical segmentation of workloads, automated access to shared services and SDDC automation all at provisioning-time. In this session, you will see how vRealize Automation defines, delivers, and governs the SDDC allowing you to deploy applications, their connectivity, availability and security through the catalog portal. Learn about some of the significant enhancements in vRealize Automation that provide a richer native integration with NSX including enhanced blueprint options as well as post-provisioning actions.



From Our Partners

Virtually Anything is Possible in Your Career

Melissa Palmer
Product Strategy Technologist, Veeam

In this session, we will discuss several practical tips to help you achieve the next level in your career, no matter where you are today. We will also consider how the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification can further your career and help you develop much more than just your VMware technical skills. In today’s world, understanding servers, storage, networking and applications are important skills, but understanding the business and leveraging your experience to adapt technology to solve problems enables to do more than what is necessary and achieve what is possible.



How to be Versatile in the Cloud Era

Thomas Been
CMO, Druva

Our technical architectures are evolving fast, and that requires us to also change the way we look at our careers and skills. We can all become the change agents that move our business forward with the right mindset and tools. Cloud and SaaS are examples of technology that is impacting the balance sheet and changing the game in terms of your capabilities, speed, and business impact. It's time for technologists to become more versatile and maximize our impact on the business. Druva’s mission is to help business make the most of their data and people. Join us as we share a few things we've learned from our customers and our own experience. Make an impact on your business and career today, as you hear our experts provide a unique perspective on data protection for the cloud era.



Community Sessions

VMUG Advantage: Spotlight on EvalExperience  

Brian Kirsch
M.Ed., Instructor, MATC

VMUG Advantage isn’t just about VMware software, it’s about the ability to learn. While online labs are great and introducing you to the products and functions having your own home lab with VMUG Advantage software allows you the experience to make things work, break things and make mistakes because it’s how we fix and figure things out that help us learn what the software and us can do.



Keeping Balance in IT

Brian Kirsch
M.Ed., Instructor, MATC

Often we hear about great IT success in one breath and burnout in the next. While both can be found neither is exactly ideal. Often with success in the job comes a sacrifice at home and with burnout comes issues at work and at home. What we need is balance between the two and ensuring you can have priorities aligned correctly. This session will help to give you clues and pointers to find that balance of success at work while still keeping your home life. It’s not easy and it’s not always pretty but with a few tips it can be done.



Tips and Tricks for Career Development

Carl Olafson
Technical Account Manager, VMware
Germaine Bacon
Independent Consultant, Major Media Company

Join Carl Olafson (VMware Staff Technical Account Manager) and Germaine Bacon (Independent Consultant) for a chat around Career Development topics.  They will cover topics like Independent Consultant versus Employee, how far out should you be looking for Career Development, Soft skills versus Hard Skills, getting out of your comfort zone and some other fun topics.



Career Mapping

Debra Zabloudil
President & Founder, The Learning Studio, Inc.

Similar to a business plan, career mapping includes a mission statement, goals and objectives, strategies and action plans. By understanding your professional passion, skills and abilities, you will begin to develop your own unique career map. Participants will be able to chart their path for growth and development within their current organization, and into the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Develop a mission and vision for your career
  • Identify personal strengths, weaknesses and other attributes that may help and/or hinder progress in career advancement opportunities
  • Explore establishing a professional identity without becoming pigeon-holed
  • Investigate how your organization’s core values equate to your own
  • Discover the impact “emotional intelligence” can have on a care




CHAT TOPIC: IT Academy, Certification & Digital Badging, and KSA 

Jackie Barker
Senior Global Program Manager, Strategic Programs, VMware

Changing the world with education, and technology. The future is software defined. Preparing individuals to lead in the digital future, is Jackie Barker’s passion. For over 20 years, Jackie has worked with educators and employers around the world to develop and implement educational program designed to prepare people for careers in technology. While it hasn’t always easy, Jackie has used her understanding of people, product and platform to begin to change the world. Today Jackie leads the VMware IT Academy program.


Karl Childs
Senior Manager - Certification, VMware

Karl Childs is a Senior Manager with VMware Education Services. He has over 20 years experience in IT Education and Certification, working with global companies such as HP, Novell, and MCI. His background is in Instructional Technology and Training Development, and he enjoys applying those skills within the IT and software industry.


Robert King
Senior Education Solutions Architect, VMware

Bob King is a veteran of 12 years with VMware. He has held the position of Sr. Technical Instructor, Sr. Technical Account Manager, and Sr. Solutions Architect for Education. Bob is responsible for the KSA (Knowledge Skills Assessment) program in the Americas. He spends his time helping guide our customers forward through the VMware curriculum and certification programs. Prior to VMware Bob taught everything from Novell to Cisco, wrote a dozen books for Sybex Publishing (mostly Microsoft certification study guides,) and owned his own consulting firm.



CHAT TOPIC: Professional Development – Improving Your Interviewing Skills 

Albert Altino
Sr. Director, Systems Engineering, VMware

Albert Altino is the Senior Director of Systems Engineering for Virtual Cloud Platforms, an organization that is responsible for helping VMware’s customers in their digital transformation journey. This organization is responsible for product lines which include NSX – Vmware’s Network Virtualization Platform, and Cloud Management and Operations provided by the vRealize Platform.



CHAT TOPIC: Getting the Ear of the VP 

Richard Armstrong
Senior Manager, VMware

Richard Armstrong is a veteran of high-technology software technical pre-sales with 23 years leading various organizations ranging from small teams at Austin startups to large (300+) pre-sales organizations at large Virtualization and Cyber Security companies. Most recently Richard was the Americas VP of Systems Engineers at Fortinet and Sr. Manager SDDC Specialist SEs at VMware. During his tenure, Richard has coached many individual contributors in the art of communicating effectively to upper management.


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